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RESEARCH: Development and preliminary evaluation of a novel low cost VR-based upper limb stroke rehabilitation platform using Wii technology

Disability Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. 2014 Nov 13:1-10. [Epub ahead of print] Authors: Emmanuel Tsekleves, Ioannis Theoklitos Paraskevopoulos, Alyson Warland, and Cherry Kilbride Abstract Purpose: This paper proposes a novel system (using the Nintendo Wii remote) that offers customised, non-immersive, virtual … Continue reading

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Neuroscientists develop game for stroke rehabilitation, give the Wii a run for its money

By Alexis Santos posted May 20th 2012 Think the Wii has the market cornered on gaming rehab? Think again — neuroscientists at Newcastle University are developing a series of motion controlled video games to make stroke rehab more fun and … Continue reading

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Hi-tech stimuli help to dull the pain | The Australian

ASK neuroscientist Stuart Smith about the biggest problem with rehabilitation exercises for stroke patients and he’ll be blunt: they’re boring. Despite their effectiveness at improving motor control and reducing sensory and intellectual impairment, many stroke patients in Smith’s care find … Continue reading

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