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Virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation – Review

Copyright © 2011 The Cochrane Collaboration. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd Kate E Laver, Stacey George, Susie Thomas, Judith E Deutsch, Maria Crotty +/- Click for more/less AbstractBackgroundVirtual reality and interactive video gaming have emerged as new treatment … Continue reading

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Fit & Fun – Your Virtual Personal Coach – Game Review

Fit and Fun is a fitness orientated game that introduces so couple of games that also aim to contribute to developing fitness skills.  The game combines elements of fitness routines with a handful of accessible and responsive games that can be described … Continue reading

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Virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation: Review

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2011 Sep 7;9.Laver KE, George S, Thomas S, Deutsch JE, Crotty M.Department of Rehabilitation and Aged Care, Flinders University, Repatriation General Hospitals, Daws Road, Daw Park, Adelaide, Australia, 5041.+/- Click for more/less AbstractBACKGROUND:Virtual reality and interactive … Continue reading

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Energy expenditure in chronic stroke patients playing Wii Sports: a pilot study

Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabililtation. 2011; 8: 38. Published online 2011 July 14 Henri L Hurkmans, Gerard M Ribbers, Marjolein F Streur-Kranenburg, Henk J Stam, and Rita J van den Berg-Emons +/- Click for more/less ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Stroke is one … Continue reading

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Wii Party

+/- Click for more/less Wii Party is a family orientated game with numerous approaches to game play.  The board games and family activities that the game suggests need upwards of 15 minutes to play are not therapeutically friendly and probably … Continue reading

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Wii-based movement therapy to promote improved upper extremity function post-stroke: A pilot study May 2011

Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. 2011 May;43(6):527-33. Mouawad MR, Doust CG, Max MD, McNulty PA.Source Neuroscience Research Australia and University of New South Wales. +/- Click for more/less Abstract BACKGROUND: Virtual-reality is increasingly used to improve rehabilitation outcomes. The Nintendo Wii … Continue reading

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Just Dance

+/- Click for more/less Just Dance is an active game that requires the player to follow a sequence of dance moves during well known songs. The game only requires the use of one Wii Remote in dominant hand. As the … Continue reading

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Petz Sports – Dog playground

+/- Click for more/less Petz Sports – Dog playground is a simple and basic game where by the player has a pet dog that they can teach tricks to, pet, enter into races and play sports with as well as … Continue reading

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A "Wii" bit of fun: The effects of adding Nintendo Wii Bowling to a standard exercise regimen for residents of long term care.

Physiother Theory Pract. 2010 Aug 10. Hsu JK, Thibodeau R, Wong SJ, Zukiwsky D, Cecile S, Walton DM. Physiotherapist, Merivale Professional Physiotherapy Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. +/- Click for more/less AbstractThe aims of this randomized, single-blind crossover trial were to … Continue reading

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