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Upper extremity movement reliability and validity of the Kinect version 2

Disability Rehabilitation Assistive Technology. 2017 Jan 19:1-9. Reither LR, Foreman MH, Migotsky N, Haddix C, Engsberg JR. Link Abstract Purpose: Studies have shown that marker-less motion detection systems, such as the first generation Kinect (Kinect 1), have good reliability and … Continue reading

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RESEARCH: Assessment of range of shoulder motion using Kinect

Gerontechnology 2014;13(2):249; J-L. LIN, H-C. CHUAN, P-C. KUAN Purpose Range of motion (ROM) is important for assessing body mobility. It is often measured using a universal goniometer in a clinical setting. Although it is a convenient instrument, a patient cannot … Continue reading

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RESEARCH: Is the Kinect system suitable for evaluation of the hip joint range of motion and as a screening tool for femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)?

Technology and Health Care 23 (2015) 75–82 Authors Matthias Lahner, Dennis Mußhoff, Christoph von Schulze Pellengahr, Roland Willburger, Marco Hagen, Andreas Ficklscherer, Lars Victor von Engelhardt, Ole Ackermann, Nina Lahner, Gregor Vetter Abstract BACKGROUND: In the clinical evaluation of femoroacetabular … Continue reading

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RESEARCH: Range of motion assessment of the shoulder and elbow joints using a motion sensing input device: A pilot study.

Technol Health Care. 2014 Jun 4. [Epub ahead of print] Hawi N, Liodakis E, Musolli D, Suero EM, Stuebig T, Claassen L, Kleiner C, Krettek C, Ahlers V, Citak M. Full article info here Abstract BACKGROUND: Motion sensing input devices … Continue reading

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About WHI’s Reflexion — the Rehab Measurement Tool

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Kinect Range of Motion Testing

This video demonstrates the potential of the Kinect camera to map and report range of movement. Initial thoughts are obviously that it is impressive, but I would be interested to see how well it picks up the main skeletal points … Continue reading

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