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Is There Evidence That Active Videogames Increase Energy Expenditure and Exercise Intensity for People Poststroke and with Cerebral Palsy?

Deutsch Judith E., Guarrera-Bowlby Phyllis, Myslinski Mary Jane, and Kafri Michal. Games for Health Journal. January 2015, 4(1): 31-37. doi:10.1089/g4h.2014.0082. Abstract This article asked and answered the question of whether there was evidence to support the use of videogames for … Continue reading

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Energy cost of common activities in children and adolescents.

Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 2013 Jan;10(1):62-9. Lyden K, Kozey Keadle S, Staudenmayer J, Freedson P, Alhassan S. Dept of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts-Amherst. +/- Click for more/less Abstract BACKGROUND: The Compendium of Energy Expenditures for Youth assigns MET … Continue reading

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A Wii virtual activity severe thumb metacarpal injury.

BMJ Case Rep. 2012 Oct 10;2012 Galanopoulos I, Garlapati AK, Ashwood N, Kitsis C. Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Queen’s Hospital, Burton-on-Trent, UK.+/- Click for more/less Abstract In this paper we present a case of a severe thumb bone injury sustained … Continue reading

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Can exergames increase physical activity?

Posted by John Ferrara on June 7, 2012 Earlier this year, a study published in the journal Pediatrics found that five games that are marketed with the promise of increasing players’ physical fitness produced no actual difference in activity. 78 … Continue reading

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The heart rate response to nintendo wii boxing in young adults.

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal 2012 Jun;23(2):13-29. Pamela R. Bosch, PT, DPT, PhD; Joseph Poloni, DPT; Andrew Thornton, DPT; James V. Lynskey, PT, PhDDepartment of Physical Therapy, A.T. Still University, Mesa, Arizona +/- Click for more/less Abstract  PURPOSE: To determine if … Continue reading

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Impact of an Active Video Game on Healthy Children’s Physical Activity

Tom Baranowski, Dina Abdelsamad, Janice Baranowski, Teresia Margareta O’Connor, Debbe Thompson, Anthony Barnett, Ester Cerin and Tzu-An ChenPediatrics;Originally published online February 27, 2012; +/- Click for more/less AbstractOBJECTIVE: This naturalistic study tests whether children receiving a new (to them) active video game … Continue reading

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Determining intensity levels for selected Wii Fit activities in college aged individuals.

By Joshua D. Grieser Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Studies thesisMay 2010 +/- Click for more/less ABSTRACTIntroduction: Physical activity is important to the proper growth, development, and overall health of an individual. Current physical activity trends show declines … Continue reading

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Comparison Between Nintendo Wii Fit Aerobics and Traditional Aerobic Exercise in Sedentary Young Adults

Douris, PC, McDonald, B, Vespi, F, Kelley, NC, and Herman, L.Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research26(4): 1052–1057, 2012 +/- Click for more/less Abstract: Exergaming is becoming a popular recreational activity for young adults. The purpose was to compare the physiologic … Continue reading

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Home-based balance training programme using Wii Fit with balance board for Parkinsons’s disease: A pilot study

Journal of Rehabilation Medicine 2012 Feb;44(2):144-50. Esculier JF, Vaudrin J, Bériault P, Gagnon K, Tremblay LE.Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Rehabilitation, University of Ottawa, Québec, Canada. +/- Click for more/less AbstractObjectives: To evaluate the effects of a home-based balance … Continue reading

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Assisting people with disabilities to actively improve their collaborative physical activities with Nintendo Wii Balance Boards by controlling environmental stimulation.

Research in Developmental Disabilities, Volume 33, Issue 1, January-February 2012, Pages 39-44Ching-Hsiang Shih, Chia-Ju Shih and Ching-Tien Shih +/- Click for more/less Highlights ► Commercial high-technology products can be used as high performance assistive devices. ► The Nintendo Wii Balance … Continue reading

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