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Virtual therapy cord injury patients compete in the digital world.

BY NADINE WILSON Jamaican Observer Sunday, April 01, 2012 THE single bullet that shattered his spine and his dreams of becoming a track and field coach has not stopped 19-year-old paraplegic, Domingo Blake, from becoming a champion in the boxing ring.Blake, who … Continue reading

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The Neurology of Gaming | Online Universities

Interesting read:

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Stroke patients’ experiences with Wii Sports® during inpatient rehabilitation

Scandinavian Journal of Occupational TherapyPosted online on February 20, 2012Authors: Dora Celinder & Hanne Peoples+/- Click for more/less Abstract Introduction: Commercial virtual reality games have been used as adjunct therapy for stroke rehabilitation, mainly after patients have been discharged. The … Continue reading

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A Kinect-based system for physical rehabilitation: A pilot study for young adults with motor disabilities.

Research in Developmental Disabilities. 2011 Jul 22. Chang YJ, Chen SF, Huang JD. Department of Electronic Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung-Li, Taiwan +/- Click for more/less AbstractThis study assessed the possibility of rehabilitating two young adults with motor impairments … Continue reading

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Hi-tech stimuli help to dull the pain | The Australian

ASK neuroscientist Stuart Smith about the biggest problem with rehabilitation exercises for stroke patients and he’ll be blunt: they’re boring. Despite their effectiveness at improving motor control and reducing sensory and intellectual impairment, many stroke patients in Smith’s care find … Continue reading

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Effectiveness of a Wii balance board-based system (eBaViR) for balance rehabilitation: a pilot randomized clinical trial in patients with acquired brain injury. May 2011

Journal of Neuroengineering Rehabilitation. 2011 May 23;8(1):30 Gil-Gomez JA, Llorens R, Alcaniz M, Colomer C.+/- Click for more/less ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Acquired brain injury (ABI) is the main cause of death and disability among young adults. In most cases, survivors can experience … Continue reading

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Lessons learned: Staff perceptions of the Nintendo Wii as a health promotion tool within an aged-care and disability service.

Health promotion journal of Australia, 2010 Dec;21(3):189-95. Higgins HC, Horton JK, Hodgkinson BC, Muggleton SB. Blue Care, Milton, Queensland. +/- Click for more/less AbstractIssue addressed: Enhancing opportunities for all older people to be physically and mentally active is an imperative … Continue reading

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Motivation and Physiologic Responses of Playing a Physically Interactive Video Game Relative to a Sedentary Alternative in Children

+/- Click for more/less Penko AL, Barkley JE. The School of Exercise Leisure and Sport, Kent State University, Kent, OH, 44240, USA, Abstract Background While there is emerging research outlining the physiologic cost of the physically interactive Nintendo Wii, there … Continue reading

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