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About WHI’s Reflexion — the Rehab Measurement Tool

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Startups Try to Help Microsoft’s Kinect Grow Up Beyond Gaming.

BY DINA BASS | MAY 21, 2012 Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor lets gamers wield a light saber or slice falling fruit ninja-style, but Jintronix sees a more serious use — rehabilitating patients who have suffered a stroke or spinal cord … Continue reading

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An evolution for the Jintronix hardware – Stroke Rehab and Virtual Reality

This week Jintronix is pleased to officially announce a new direction for the hardware component of our solution. In order to fully compliment our adaptive software we have decided to evolve past out initial glove and camera set-up, to utilizing … Continue reading

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Kinect imaging lets surgeons keep their focus.

17 May 2012 by MacGregor CampbellNew Scientist THE surgeon enters the operating theatre, covered in sterile blue scrubs. Machines beep and hiss. Nurses wait, tools at the ready: scalpel, forceps, bandage, Xbox… Xbox? On Tuesday last week, a surgeon at … Continue reading

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Microsoft Health Tech Today: Kinect for Health

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Stroke Patients at Royal Berkshire Benefit from Playing Kinect

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