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RESEARCH: Retraining function in people with Parkinson’s disease using the Microsoft kinect: game design and pilot testing

Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 2014; 11: 60. Brook Galna, Dan Jackson, Guy Schofield, Roisin McNaney, Mary Webster, Gillian Barry, Dadirayi Mhiripiri, Madeline Balaam, Patrick Olivier, and Lynn Rochester Abstract Background Computer based gaming systems, such as the Microsoft Kinect … Continue reading

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Kinelab – Rehab software using the Kinect

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Kinecto Therapy – Rehab with the Kinect


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Disabled access to the Xbox Kinect – hardware and games

Much has been discussed since the release of the Kinect about its accessibility for wheelchair users or those with a disability. Early on Ablegamers.com published two articles – links below, that present the current issues and presented the hardware as … Continue reading

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About WHI’s Reflexion — the Rehab Measurement Tool

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Burn Calories on Kinect, Track Them With Kinect PlayFit

July 10, 2012REDMOND, Wash Kinect PlayFit is a new fitness dashboard on Xbox LIVE that lets players track the calories they burn while having fun with Kinect. The new dashboard joins a growing number of titles and experiences that use … Continue reading

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Games for Health – YouTube

Games for Health – YouTube:

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An evolution for the Jintronix hardware – Stroke Rehab and Virtual Reality

This week Jintronix is pleased to officially announce a new direction for the hardware component of our solution. In order to fully compliment our adaptive software we have decided to evolve past out initial glove and camera set-up, to utilizing … Continue reading

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A Therapists guide to the Kinect

The Microsoft Kinect continues to develop as a potential tool to be used within rehabilitation.  The following link to a page on wiihabilitation.co.uk explains how the Kinect can be used alongside gaming consoles, laptops or PCs to enable movement controlled … Continue reading

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Kinect cameras watch for autism – New Scientist

Diagnosing an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in young children is tricky, but the earlier a child can begin speech therapy and get help learning social and communication skills, the better. Many different symptoms may suggest a child has an ASD, … Continue reading

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