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Disabled access to the Xbox Kinect – hardware and games

Much has been discussed since the release of the Kinect about its accessibility for wheelchair users or those with a disability. Early on Ablegamers.com published two articles – links below, that present the current issues and presented the hardware as … Continue reading

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An evolution for the Jintronix hardware – Stroke Rehab and Virtual Reality

This week Jintronix is pleased to officially announce a new direction for the hardware component of our solution. In order to fully compliment our adaptive software we have decided to evolve past out initial glove and camera set-up, to utilizing … Continue reading

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Neuroscientists develop game for stroke rehabilitation, give the Wii a run for its money

By Alexis Santos posted May 20th 2012 Think the Wii has the market cornered on gaming rehab? Think again — neuroscientists at Newcastle University are developing a series of motion controlled video games to make stroke rehab more fun and … Continue reading

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