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RESEARCH: Let’s Kinect to Increase Balance and Coordination of Older People: Pilot Testing of a Balloon Catching Game

International Journal of Virtual Worlds and Human-Computer Interaction Volume 2, Issue 1, Year 2014 – Pages 37-46 Claire Davies, Thomas Vinumon, Lynne Taylor, John Parsons Abstract– The purpose of this research was to design, develop and assess the usability of … Continue reading

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Family Trainer – Outdoor Challenge

Family Trainer – Outdoor Challenge is a game that requires a good degree of pre existing control of dynamic standing balance. It makes use of a dance mat style controller that is used on the floor. For patients with reasonable … Continue reading

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A balancing act so watch it

Bianca Clare | 31st March 2012 www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au A GROUP of Sunshine Coast seniors is set to spend more time in front of the television to see if it helps improve their co-ordination and balance. University of Sunshine Coast PhD student … Continue reading

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Step to the Beat

Step to the Beat is a good motivational game that promotes stepping in time with the music that is played through the game. Therapy potential = GOOD +/- Click for more/less The game setting and scenario is that of an … Continue reading

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Wii Play: Motion

+/- Click for more/less Wii Play Motion is the sequel to Wii Play.  Wii Play was initially released as an introduction to the controls for the (then) newly released Nintendo Wii.  With the release of the MotionPlus add-on a few … Continue reading

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Fit & Fun – Your Virtual Personal Coach – Game Review

Fit and Fun is a fitness orientated game that introduces so couple of games that also aim to contribute to developing fitness skills.  The game combines elements of fitness routines with a handful of accessible and responsive games that can be described … Continue reading

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Wii Party

+/- Click for more/less Wii Party is a family orientated game with numerous approaches to game play.  The board games and family activities that the game suggests need upwards of 15 minutes to play are not therapeutically friendly and probably … Continue reading

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Just Dance

+/- Click for more/less Just Dance is an active game that requires the player to follow a sequence of dance moves during well known songs. The game only requires the use of one Wii Remote in dominant hand. As the … Continue reading

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