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Adapted Motion Plus Controller ONLY 

 £59.99 inc P&P worldwide


Adapted Motion Plus Controller WITH 2 Buddy Buttons

£114.99 inc P&P worldwide



Benefits of the adaptation: This can be used by those with poor hand control, grip or dexterity where aiming the controller and pressing buttons is difficult. The controller can be pointed at the screen as normal, but the button can be pressed by the other hand or by someone else.

Adapted Buttons: The Remote can be purchased with the adaptation offering access to the A and B buttons or to the 1 and 2 buttons, through external switches.

The A and B buttons are the main selecting buttons for most games and are the most obvious buttons to adapt. The 1 and 2 buttons are used in driving games for speed control and can provide access to games such as Mario Kart and Formula 1 to those with limited dexterity. Please email for more information.

How does it work: Buttons attach to the remote via two jack sockets – one for each button.  The existing buttons continue to work with the adaptation allowing remote to continue to be used without external buttons.

The controller is brand new compatible 3rd party with the wires exiting the controller at the end to avoid compromise of movement.  If you require a genuine controller please email – they can be adapted but cost more.

External Buttons:  The Wii Remote can be purchased with or without the buttons (price of buttons varies depends upon availability).  Any button with a 3.5mm jack can be used with the adaptation, the buttons sold on this page are the basic type.  Alternative buttons or pressure pads can be purchased separately to best suit the needs of the user.  If you need advice, please email.

Please note: there is no guarantee with this item.  It has been tested thoroughly prior to delivery but no responsibility is taken by wiihabilitation.co.uk for wear and tear of the device.  Buyers are given a 30 period with which to return faulty controllers.  All controllers made to date have not experienced any problems but due to the nature of the adaptation the 30 day return is offered either money back or replacement.  No refund will be given for postage.

Any questions please email