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Wii Party is a family orientated game with numerous approaches to game play.  The board games and family activities that the game suggests need upwards of 15 minutes to play are not therapeutically friendly and probably do not have much place in a rehab session.

By navigating through the menus it is possible to play each of the mini games in isolation of any others – meaning that individual games can be chosen and played on their own.

To find the mini games follow:

Menu Screen :  Mini games (bottom right/yellow box) : freeplay : (choose category of the mini game you want to play) : Game (choose the game from the selection)

These games are all unlocked so do not need endless play in order to unlock them.  A full list of the mini games, controls and value during therapy sessions can be found by following this link

Some elements of this game can be played using adaptations, especially the use of a controller with external buttons for those who do not have the control to hold and press the Wii Remote buttons.
Other adaptations could be the use a wrist strap to support the controller on the back of the wrist or ankle to create the movement needed for some of the games. Alternatively the controller could be used with this Fit Board adaptation for the games to work on balance.

This game is similar to Wii Play but with much more too it. There are some basic ‘pointing’ games that allow for development of upper limb/hand control without the complication of using buttons.

As with most games there are some very useful and therapy friendly elements to Wii Party. The numerous minigames offer a spectrum of short activities that have the potential to help patients regain some co-ordination, reaction speed, dexterity and general upper limb skills.

Never the less Wii Party offers some basic and fun games that can successfully be used and incorporated within a therapy session.

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