A new standing posture detector to enable people with multiple disabilities to control environmental stimulation by changing their standing posture through a commercial Wii Balance Board (2010)


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Research in Developmental Disabilities Volume 31, Issue 1, January-February 2010, Pages 281-286

Ching-Hsiang Shiha, Ching-Tien Shihb and Ming-Shan Chianga


This study assessed whether two persons with multiple disabilities would be able to control environmental stimulation using body swing (changing standing posture) and a Wii Balance Board with a newly developed standing posture detection program (i.e. a new software program turns a WiiBalance Board into a precise standing posture detector). The study was performed according to an ABAB design, in which A represented baseline and B represented intervention phases. Both participants significantly increased their target response (body swing) to activate the control system to produce environmental stimulation during the intervention phases. Practical and developmental implications of the findings were discussed.

Keywords: Standing posture detector; Wii Balance Board; Multiple disabilities

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