On the use of the Wii Fit™ in reducing falling risk factors and improving balance for the elderly

Kinesitherapie Revue (KINESITHERAPIE REVUE), 2010 Nov(107): 41-5 (13 ref)

Grosjean, Aurélie ; Fabbri, Emmeline ; Feldheim, Eric ; Snoeck, Thyl ; Amand, Marc ; Keuterickx, Claude ; Balestra, Costantino

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Background: The Nintendo® game console, called Wii Fit[TM], distinguishes itself from the other game consoles. In fact, it has many exercises that engage all body parts. We undertook this study to evaluate the usefulness of this type of game console by means of its included programs provided to improve balance and risk of falls among the elderly.

Method: The main evaluation tools that we used are specific tests for balance and walking, and the Nintendo® Wii Fit[TM] console. This study is based on a sample population of 21 people aged over 65 years (mean age: 85,67 ± 6,14 years) and divided into a control group and experimental group.

Results: Our results show a highly significant improvement between the control and experimental group after six weeks of training on the game console.

Level of evidence: 4 (Not randomized comparative study)

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