Incorporating Gaming Technology into Athletic Injury Rehabilitation

Athletic Training & Sports Health Care March/April 2009 – Volume 1 · Issue 2: 79-84

David A. Middlemas, EdD, ATC; Jeffrey Basilicato, ATC; Michael Prybicien, MA, ATC; Joseph Savoia, MS, ATC; Jenna Biodoglio

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Rehabilitation of athletes presents challenges relating to proprioceptive training, reacquisition of sport-related skills, and maintaining the patient’s interest. Incorporation of video gaming technology into the rehabilitation process has been reported in physical therapy, stroke rehabilitation, geriatric exercise, and physical education. Reported feedback indicates that the technology is well received by patients. The purpose of this article is to present video gaming technology, such as the Nintendo Wii, as an alternative tool for clinicians to use in rehabilitation. We present examples of the use of video game activities from the Wii Sports software package in injury rehabilitation. The sport activities selected require patients to simulate athletic motions and skills while competing in the selected activity. In addition, examples of use of gaming activities with traditional balance and proprioceptive equipment are presented.

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