Wii Could Aide Patients COPD Patients May 2011

BY Debbie Nicholson May 17, 2011

A new study from researchers at University of Connecticut Health Center, state that Nintendo’s Wii Fit video game makes working out more pleasurable. While it promotes the kind of physical activity persons with breathing problems require. Patients are more apt to use it for exercise.

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Dr. Jeffrey Albores, University of Connecticut Health Center states that regular exercise provides benefits to those with COPD. Exercise increases overall muscle tone while improving cardiopulmonary fitness. Managing to get patients to exercise at home is ideal however, it can be hard to manage, and particularly for COPD patients whose exercise tolerance may be limited.

In 2007, Nintendo had revealed Wii Fit™ which had included exercise activities, games along with yoga, balance and strength exercises and aerobic activities.

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