Activity-promoting gaming systems in exercise and rehabilitation

Matthew J. D. Taylor, PhD; Darren McCormick, BSc; Teshk Shawis, MBChB, FRCP; Rebecca Impson,
MSc; Murray Griffin, PhD

Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development
Volume 48, Number 10, 2011 Pages 1171–1186

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Commercial activity-promoting gaming systems provide a potentially attractive means to facilitate exercise and rehabilitation. The Nintendo Wii, Sony EyeToy, Dance Dance Revolution, and Xbox Kinect are examples of gaming systems that use the movement of the player to control gameplay. Activity-promoting gaming systems can be used as a tool to increase activity levels in otherwise sedentary gamers and also be an effective tool to aid rehabilitation in clinical settings. Therefore, the aim of this current work is to review the growing area of activity-promoting gaming in the context of exercise, injury, and rehabilitation.

Key words: activity-promoting, Dance Dance Revolution,
exercise, falls, games, gaming systems, injury, Nintendo Wii,
rehabilitation, Sony EyeToy, Xbox Kinect.

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