Physical therapy patients working through pain using video games.

by August 29th, 2011 Inside the physical therapy center at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital rehab patients are using unique methods for recovery. For rehabilitation the patients are turning to video games to do their exercises and work through the pain.

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“We’re actually putting them in situations where they can practice actual movements that they need to do and get that feedback they need for success,” says Therapy Services Director Kellie Johnson. “Wii-bowling by far is a favorite.” The practice seems to be working for many patients who may have had a stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or that were involved in a car accident. It’s constantly growing and now even has its own name. “Even in rehab it’s known as wii-rehabilitation, it’s so widely used in rehab now,” says Banner Good Sam’s physical therapist Suzanne Dilly. “We have started with a new Microsoft Kinect, which is more whole body movements than just using a censor in your hand.”

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