Personalised Wii technology offers stroke survivors a helping hand in rehabilitation

Taking inspiration from the Nintendo Wii, researchers at Brunel University have developed a new prototype technology to improve rehabilitation programmes for stroke survivors. ReWiiRe is a custom made programme which can be operated on any computer and tailored to individual needs. It is designed to support stroke survivors so that they can continue their rehabilitation in the comfort of their own homes.

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One of the biggest barriers stroke survivors face is in keeping motivated to continue rehabilitation exercises outside of clinical settings. When using ReWiiRe, patients can check to see that they are performing the exercises in the right way, can see how they are progressing and improving, and can stay motivated by playing games.

The first stage of the research assessed the potential for Wii technology in stroke rehabilitation by trialling the standard console with patients in the NHS. These findings showed that whilst patients were keen to use the technology to support their rehabilitation at home, the configuration of standard Wii games was too complex, limiting the benefits available to patients.

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