Neuroscientists develop game for stroke rehabilitation, give the Wii a run for its money

By Alexis Santos posted May 20th 2012

Think the Wii has the market cornered on gaming rehab? Think again — neuroscientists at Newcastle University are developing a series of motion controlled video games to make stroke rehab more fun and accessible. The team’s first title, dubbed Circus Challenge, lets patients digitally throw pies, tame lions and juggle to help them build strength and regain motor skills. As players progress, the game ratchets up its difficulty, presumably to match pace with their recovery.

Although Limbs Alive, the game’s publisher, has only described their motion controller as “next-generation,” it affirms that the game will be playable on PCs, laptops and tablets later this year. In an effort to lower costs and provide at-home therapy, the team hopes to leverage a £1.5 million award from the UK’s Health Innovation Challenge Fund to build a system that will allow therapists to monitor patient progress remotely. The whole enchilada still needs some time to bake, but you can hit the break for a video and the full press release.

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