Sony PlayStation EyeToy elicits higher levels of movement than the Nintendo Wii: implications for stroke rehabilitation.

Neil A, Ens S, Pelletier R, Jarus T, Rand D.
Source: Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation, Vancouver, Canada
European Journal of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine. 2012 Nov 21.

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BACKGROUND: Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging trend in stroke rehabilitation. VR gaming consoles in stroke intervention have been shown to increase motivation and enjoyment during exercise. The amount and intensity of movements elicited using these consoles are unknown.

AIM: The aims of this study were: 1) to quantify the amount and intensity of movement elicited from both hands of two groups of individuals ([chronic stroke and without a disability [healthy]); 2) to determine the effect of console (Wii/EyeToy) and group (stroke/healthy) on the amount and intensity of upper extremity movement; 3) to determine the effect of console (Wii/EyeToy) and group (stroke/healthy) on the usability and VR experience.

DESIGN: A cross-sectional design was taken.

SETTING: Outpatient rehabilitation setting and healthy participant’s homes.

POPULATION: Participants included ten adults with stroke and ten adults without a disability. Methods. Participants experienced two games from each console. Amount and intensity of movement was measured using accelerometers on both wrists, while the virtual experience and usability was determined with questionnaires.

RESULTS: No significant differences were found between the consoles usability and experience. EyeToy elicited significantly greater activity count than Wii among the healthy participants (P=0.028) and significantly greater movement intensity in both the stroke (P=0.005) and healthy (P=0.005) groups.

CONCLUSION: Both consoles rated high for usability, enjoyment and satisfaction highlighting their suitability for a range of individuals in stroke rehabilitation. EyeToy provides increased movement and movement intensity.

CLINICAL REHABILITATION IMPACT: Both consoles are suitable for use in stroke rehabilitation however this information can be helpful to clinicians while selecting a gaming console according to the type and intensity of movements that he/she aims to encourage during therapy.

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